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Grateful Dead Live at Paramount Theatre on 1977-10-02

Set 1

Casey Jones
Jack Straw
Brown Eyed Women
El Paso
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Let It Grow

Set 2

Samson And Delilah
Scarlet Begonias ->
Fire On The Mountain
Funiculi Funicula
Playing In The Band ->
Drums ->
The Wheel ->
Truckin' ->
The Other One ->
Wharf Rat ->
Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Paramount Theatre
Location Portland, OR

Source Betty Board (see comments)
Lineage See info file
Taped by Betty Cantor
Transferred by Original WBOTB DATs procured & circulated in 1996 by Jace Crouch and Tim Deibert. Thanks to trailmix for providing the lineaged master DAT for transfer..Transferred and mastered by ChrisL.


Source: 7" two track BBD reel w/ DBX-1 @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM501ES (beta) > PCM501ES analog out > DBX-1 Decoder > analog in PCMF1/PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz X2 > WBOTB Master DAT (DAT-2).
Original WBOTB DATs procured & circulated in 1996 by Jace Crouch and Tim Deibert.
Thanks to trailmix for providing the lineaged master DAT for transfer.

Transfer and mastering:
Jace's DAT (48 KHz) playback on Sony PCM-R500, AES digital output > Benchmark DAC1, XLR analog output > Grace Lunatec V3, sample rate at 96 KHz, AES digiout) > AES digital input, professional mode/sync - LynxTwo soundcard in E6400 dual core processor-based PC > HD as 24 bit/96 KHz WAV > Ozone 3.0 > MBIT+ dithering to 16/44.1 KHz WAV > CDWAV 1.9 (tracking) > FLAC (level 8). Recording, editing and mastering with Wavelab 5.0. All cables were Mogami Gold 0.3m pro-audio XLR cables. All components in the transfer/mastering chain were powered from a Cyberpower 1285AVR noise-attenuated uninterruptible AC power supply. Transferred and mastered by ChrisL.
Seeded by the Green Mountain Bros. at, July 2007.

- High pitched whine @ 15600 KHz was attenuated using Waves Q10 Supernotch on 24/96 fileset.
- Intermittently before the start of several tracks, there is a stage-amplifier related buzzing that is faded up/down.
- Reel flip during "Wharf Rat" smoothed to a nearly seamless state with a 4 measure loop and crossfade.


Reviewer: MichiganBob - - April 9, 2014
Subject: Best show of 1977...
I know some will disagree but this show is pure brilliance personified by the amazing clarity of this sonic Betty Board of the best shows ever IMHO...Obviously the first set has the Casey Jonz and Dupree's bustouts which are tremendously fun...the Jstraw, Brown Eyed Women, and Let It Grow indicate a casual mastery that is about to overflow...the pre drumz second set is amazing with my fav Samson and Scar>Fire>Playin insanity...however the post drumz sequence is where this show really takes off...a beautiful Wheel transforms into my fav Truckin by far...insane out of control pulsating mayhem!!! The Sugar Mag is also of particular note...the band raging as hard as they possibly could have...this show is an absolute must hear for any discernible DeadHead...this is what its all about...
Reviewer: KIRK T JAMES - - January 16, 2012
This was actually my third show, but this was the ONE that sent me down the wonderful path !! Was mesmerized watching Jerry through my binoculars during Wharf Rat, and the music rang like a bell in my head for a long time !! 125 shows later ...
Reviewer: Pangolin22 - - December 10, 2011
Subject: Incredible!
As expected from 77, this show is near perfection. Maybe not as great as some of the summer shows of this year but that Scarlet Fire is up there with the best. Donna is truly at her best here.
Reviewer: DeepElem13 - - March 15, 2011
Subject: XM RADIO
XM was streaming this show. Caught it in Scarlet Fire....had to come check it on the archive. Fire on the Mountain got me into the Dead, this was one of the best!!
Reviewer: disgruntledgoat - - January 4, 2011
Subject: Great Late '77
Although this show is uneven, there are moments of true greatness. This version of Casey Jones is unique for Jerry's melodic soloing in lieu of flubbed lyrics, and it's terrific. Dupree's Diamond Blues is an interesting treat, and Let it Grow is well-jammed. What I keep coming back for, however, is the Scarlet>Fire combo. Although the Scarlet is just good, and the transitional jam is a bit thin, the Fire is incredible. Phil finds a very bouncy groove and Jerry uses this to launch some incendiary jams. I've listened to this version hundreds of times and it never grows old.
Reviewer: benmayo - - October 4, 2010
This show is superb. The recording is excellent.
Reviewer: Jinglebell Rainbow - - August 1, 2010
Subject: Average means Good
A Good first set with high energy all around a opening line drop during Brown Eyed and of course a vocal flub in Casey Jones lead to a great version, must have really pumped the crowed up. Let it Grow has great laid back and intense jamming combined, worth more than a single listen. Where the show falls short in the Jam between Scarlet and Fire too short for any real mind blowing experience, just kind of lays there and the sleepy almost boring Playing in the Band. The PITB really is dull no fire works nothing even average at all.The Truckin-Other One sequence is short though well played. It certainly is not fall of 1972. At this point in their career those golden years are gone. But we have an average show which is still pretty darn good.
Reviewer: nigeldavahah - - June 7, 2010
Subject: best sounding dead i have heard
this is great sunrise she sang with elvis
Reviewer: enardi - - January 26, 2010
Subject: great show
this show is top notch 77' highlights include let it grow, samson, mindblowing deal, and scarlet>fire among others. Get this show... great quality too
Reviewer: Folkhippy - - August 27, 2009
Subject: Best Sunrise?
This is maybe my favorite Sunrise! I love the power in Donna's voice. I'm not a big fan of the Donna Scream, but by '77 she toned it way down and did great backing vocals. Sunrise and From the Heart of Me are great songs in my book and I think she performs them well. It's nice to have a Donna song shake up the first set. This show is KILLER by the way and Casey Jones is great!
Reviewer: texas7777777 - - July 29, 2009
Subject: scarlet/fire
5 stars for my all time personal favorite Scarlet/Fire. Jerry vocals are not very strong, but solo more than makes up for it. Very intense. Donna even helps. Oh yeah, killer Deal.
Reviewer: ralberty - - May 20, 2009
Subject: Best In Show
I would say this is Best of the four nites. Sunday nite in Portland ... Jerry Tears up Deal. Outta sight show Man... we R so fortunite to have these shows. Had on cassett many moons ago. Quite rare back then too.
Reviewer: tothedogsforme - - April 26, 2009
Subject: great sound
This is a 4.5 show for me, but the quality of the recording/mix is incredible. One of my favorite sounding shows here on archive.
Reviewer: octothorp - - March 5, 2009
Subject: Thanks again to DeadPod!
The DeadPod podcast drew this FABULOUS show to my attention. Many thanks. The music and sound quality are both positively luminous.
Reviewer: smgarcia - - March 29, 2008
Subject: Much better sound
it is fuller than the other versions. This is great! There is more bass and it floods on the low frequency spectrum. Stream both versions before choosing which one to download. This version makes a great show even better!
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